Lose Wight And Look Smart


The “Lose 10 Pound in 10 Seconds”


To improve your posture, just sing the song: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes…

…with one small Disney-inspired twist.

Head, Shoulders, Let It Go.

That’s it!

Let’s break it down.


First, notice where the top of your head is. Now imagine a light shining out from that spot upward toward the ceiling. Then imagine a light shining straight through your body, down into the ground. The two beams of light intersect to create one nice long stream of light. This is your vertical axis. Root your feet into the ground, and imagine the space above your head.



Imagine a beam of light traveling across your collarbones (clavicles). It extends from one shoulder to the other, connecting the inner space of your upper torso. Now imagine a light on each shoulder shining outward toward the wall. Let all these lights merge into a single beam that broadens your shoulders and opens your heart.

Let it go:

Now do one final quick scan. Notice any tension in your body—any place where you are “pulling up” toward the sky and just “let it go.” Imagine your ears dripping directly down toward your shoulders. Imagine your shoulders releasing downward.

Don’t push. Release.

Let your arms hang effortlessly along the side of your legs. Align your feet forward. Now let gravity do the rest. When the body is stacked correctly, you do not have to hold yourself up.

Head, Shoulders, Let it Go.

Give it a try and see how you feel. Better yet, go stand in front of a mirror and then run through this short little ditty and notice how you look. Try it sitting, standing, while playing tennis. The more you visualize and practice better alignment while moving the better.

Why does it work?

Because your body looks better when it’s functioning better. Posture helps keep you moving the way you are supposed to be. Of course, most people know they have poor posture. It’s just a matter of changing the habit.